Land Use

The Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

Area in Ontario covered by the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas

The Crown Land Use Policy Atlas (the Atlas) is the source of area-specific land use policy for Crown lands in a large part of central and northern Ontario. The area covered by the Atlas (area in yellow on inset map) includes more than 39 million hectares of Crown land and waters or about 45 per cent of the province. In time, the Atlas will be expanded to include southern Ontario and the community based land use plans in the Far North.


The Atlas contains land use policies consolidated from a variety of planning documents such as District Land Use Guidelines (1983 as revised); local land use area plans; Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy (1999) and the Guide to Crown Land Use Planning (2011).


The Atlas has three components:

If you’re a hiker, camper, bird-watcher, angler or hunter, Ontario’s natural resources provide a wealth of opportunities for activities of all kinds.

Because of the limitations of mapping data, the Atlas cannot be used to precisely identify on-the-ground locations of features such as privately-owned land, roads or other locations. Some Crown land use designations may appear to overlap onto private and federal land. These designations do not apply to such lands.



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