PDF downloads 

– How to tell the age of sheep
– Flock Calendar Outline 
– Magazine ad rates  – Ad deadline November 16th

Alpaca Goats Llamas Sheep Dogs
Berrichone du Cher Cotswold Lincoln Rideau Arcott X Dorset
Black Welsh Mountain DLS Merino Romanov
Border Cheviot Dorper Miniature Breeds Romney
Border Leicester Dorset Horned & Polled Montadale Rouge de L’Ouest
British Milk Sheep East Friesian Dairy Newfoundland Scottish Blackface
British Suffolk Finn North Country Cheviot Shetland
Canadian Arcott Hampshire Outaouais Arcott Shropshire
Charollais Icelandic Oxford South African Meat Merinos
Clun Forest Ile de France Polypay Southdown
Columbia Jacob Rambouillet Suffolk
Commercial Breeds Karakul Rideau Targhee
Corriedale Katahdin Rideau Arcott Texel

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