Pioneer Food Preservation With a Root Cellar, Part 1 of 3

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Root Cellar

By Josh

One problem that frequently pops up to the modern prepared person is what to do with refrigerated products. When the power goes out, how do you keep milk, cheese, meat, and other valuable foodstuffs from molding or rotting in the heat? If all else fails you could binge on these foods and eat them quickly, but what if you would like to save those valuable nutrients or if you have a source for fresh milk or meat? In that case, you would need to go back to the olden days before refrigeration, when every home had a root cellar.

What is a root cellar?

Essentially, it’s an underground room that uses the fact that the temperature underground is kept at a stable 30-45 degrees (depending on location and season) year ’round to help preserve foods. It can be built into the house and accessible via a staircase, in…

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