Most people mistaken the fruit as part of the vaccinium family (Blueberries and cranberries), when in fact the fruit is just as closely related to tomatoes.  It comes from the Dipsacales order and is related to the Snowberry and Elderberry.

Currently there are only 5 varieties being branded as Haskap in Canada. All of which have come from the U of S breeding program.

What is HaskapTundra

  • Mature about 4-5 feet tall
  • Firmer skin than other varieties
  • Bleeds less from the scar
  • Average weight of 1.5gms


  • Mature at about 4 feet tall
  • Sweeter and larger berry
  • Softer skin and bleeds slightly

Indigo Gem

  • Mature 5-6 feet
  • Large producer
  • Smaller tangy firm berry
  • Higher incidence of powdery mildew

Indigo Treat

  • Mature 4-5 feet
  • Similar to Tundra but smaller berry
  • Plant grows more upright

Indigo Yum

  • Was released by University of Saskatchewan but difficult to propagate.

There are some older russian varieties available. These were introduced to North America by Jim Gilbert in the 1990s. Some names include Berry Blue, Blue Bell, Svetlanna, Cinderella, Polar night, Polar Jewel. The fruit from these varieties are generally smaller and tarter but the plants are vigorous growers and high producers.
Berry Blue is a great non related variety to use as a pollinator.

Other pollinators released from propagators and researchers are the Northern Jewel and Honeybee.

– See more at: http://haskap.ca/about-haskap#sthash.eYTbVvSW.dpuf


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