Already Preparing for 2014

what an amazing group

To get involved

Knitting Rays of Hope

nancydec18 hats for children chemo warriors

nancydec219 hats for babies in the NICU

We consider ourselves very blessed to have such a dedicated team!  Nancy surprised us with 2 bags full of hats that will help us with our January shipment!  These are so beautiful and soft.  I love looking at how each one is unique and just love the different yarn and color pairings – Nancy sure is talented!

We hope that you are inspired to create some hats for our cause in 2014.  We hope to be able to send out 100 hats every month, giving us a goal for 2014 of 1,200 hats!  We accept any handmade hats, whether you sew, crochet, knit with or without needles.  If you would like to learn how to loom-knit (knit without needles), please visit our tutorials page (link), where we posted a collection of You Tube tutorials (done…

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