and so begins a new year

A time to reflex on last years achievements and events.  It is not a time to think “I could have, I should have”.  I must keep remembering what I did, not what I didn’t do.  So here is a short list of what I did manage to do:

  • managed to get back to work, although it wasn’t for long
  • got the dam shrubs out of the front “garden”
  • got an herb garden planted
  • built 2 raised veggie beds
  • crocheted a ton
  • gifted or got rid of about 5 van fulls of stuff
  • meet a bunch of lovely people
  • started the road to healing, I hope
  • did a lot of work on the wood trim, although I am sure I am the only person that can tell
  • looked after mom the best I could

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