Aquaponics, southern Ontario companies

Noa Fisheries

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Professional Aquaponics and RAS Training

Our missions is to provide hormone free choices in farmed fish.


Noa fisheries has partnered with Til-Aqua International and supplies hormone, disease free tilapia fry and fingerlings, that are fast growing, without inbreeding.  Mixed sex and Natural Male Tilapia available.

We host workshops with leading experts in aquaponics and RAS across Canada.

General Information

We are passionate about aquaponics and helping people have access to healthy, nutritious food, free of; pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones and GMOs.   We encourage others to grow their own food and help people achieve this through hosting workshops.  We are an authorized dealer of Martin Mills trout and koi feed.

Water Farmers Aquaponics


At WaterFarmers, we strive to lead in the design, development and innovation of intelligible hyper-efficient Aquaponic design paradigms, including low-footprint energy systems, materials, nutrition chemistry and microbiology. We translate these advanced sciences into value for our clients through our professional solutions, services and consulting operations worldwide.


Making Food Security Your Business….

At WaterFarmers, we are passionate about designing the purest food production technology in the world.  This vision unites us as a team and is the hallmark of our customer centric consultancy style.  Our primary goal is to deliver Aquaponics to regions that are agriculturally challenged, however we passionately believe in making Aquaponics a comprehensively successful business venture.  We are confident that channeling Aquaponics into the academic grassroots will serve additional value to education and increase the perception of the scientific phenomenon that is Aquaponics.  Furthermore, it is our ambition to empower communities through Aquaponics as a social revitalization movement.


WaterFarmers is uniquely positioned in the Aquaponic industry,  to partner with a wide range of institutions and individuals who share our passion for “Food Purity” and “Food Sovereignty”. We aim to develop systems for all walks of life in an effort to maximize the reach of Aquaponics.


The Aquaponics commercial model is every practitioner’s aspiration. It is our role to make that dream a reality for everyone through efficient design and long-term strategic planning. At WaterFarmers we believe that growing this area of Aquaponics is vital to the developmental reputation of the industry. For this purpose WaterFarmers, aims to define best practices for the successful implementation of commercial Aquaponic models by providing our customers tools to success such as maintenance manuals and work flow value streams.


The power of Aquaponics in community re-investment programs and initiatives, can never be underestimated. The myriad of options and operational simplicity makes Aquaponics the ideal strategy for long term regional developmental plans.


Aquaponics is an ecological confluence of many sciences and has no better a place that in High Schools, Colleges and Universities. At WaterFarmers we passionately believe that Aquaponics in education will benefit the youth of tomorrow bringing their attention to the significance of Food Security and Food Purity in today’s world.


The backyard hobbyist forms the life line for the industry. Much of today’s experience in Aquaponic system design realm, has been derived from some backyard enthusiast. For this purpose we develop DIY drawings that help backyard hobbyists enhance their Aquaponic experience through highly specialized designs.


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