Getting “Goals” Done

When going through rehab for going back to work, I was given a work book to complete.  I discovered that day that my “goals” are actually a wish list of things I would like to do rather then an actual goals list.  For example:  I want to get rid of the large bed in the front bedroom.  That to me sounds like a goal.  The councilor said nope, that is a wish until I take the time to write down the steps that it would take to get the job done.

wish list – get rid of large bed in the front bedroom

goal – get rid of large bad in the front bedroom by taking the following steps:

  • move the knitting machines that are in the front hall to the 3rd floor – 4 trips
  • move the milk can that is in the front hall to the 3rd floor – 1 trip
  • move the rest of the stuff except the coat rack to the basement – 2 trips
  • vacuum the front hall
  • vacuum the stairs
  • vacuum the upper hall
  • vacuum the bathroom
  • vacuum the front bedroom
  • wash the front hall floor
  • wash the upper hall floor
  • wash the bedroom floor
  • strip the bed
  • wash the bedding – 4 loads
  • take apart the bed
  • drag the mattress downstairs
  • carry the box spring downstairs – 2 trips
  • carry the bed frame downstairs – 3 trips
  • call to have someone come take the bed
  • wait until someone can come get it
  • help them load it into the truck

Because of all of the steps involved in something as simple as getting rid of a bed, it is hard for me to achieve my “wish list”.  I get overwhelming by the amount of work it takes to get something this small done.  The idea behind the “goals list” is so that I can work on 1 thing for 15 minutes and stop if I need to.

So I am going to listen to the rehab person and rewrite my “goals list” with the steps included.  Things should get done faster with less stress if I only think of it in 15 minute time frames.


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