Book Review – Lee’s Priceless Recipes reprinted by Algrove Publishing

Ok so this is not really a book review.  I bought this book shortly after it came out (the second time) in about 1999.  I bought it in the beginning as it had a table explaining what a few cooking measurements meant.  I have some very old recipes that had measurements such as teacupful and winecupful.  I had no clue what they meant.  It has also created a “wish list” craft project – create a cross stitch “table or chart” showing all of the measurements.

A copy from the original publication.,46096,46100&ap=2

Comments from the reprint publisher

Lee’s Priceless Recipes

At the turn of the 20th century, it was popular to publish books that professed to include virtually all knowledge to date. Most popular of the genre were the books of “secret” recipes, revealing industrial secrets to the layman.First published in 1895, Lee’s Priceless Recipes covers an extraordinary range in its 3000 secrets. There are several hundred formulas for stains, paints, waxes, and false finishes of all types, as well as advice on tanning hides, preserving eggs, drying fruit and purifying rancid butter.

The following excerpts show the range as well as any further explanation could.

A Metal That Expands in Cooling. — Lead 9 parts, antimony 2, bismuth 1. The metal is very useful in filling small defects in iron castings, etc.

Transparent Varnish for Pictures. — Take the white of 4 eggs and 2 ounces of loaf sugar; beat them up in lime water to the proper consistency of varnishing.

To Loosen Rusted Screws. — One of the simplest and readiest ways of loosening a rusted screw is to apply heat to the head of the screw. A small bar or rod of iron, flat at the end, if reddened in the fire and applied for 2 or 3 minutes to the head of the rusty screw will, as soon as it heats the screw, render its withdrawal as easy by the screw-driver as if the screw had been only recently inserted. As there is a kitchen poker in every house, that instrument, if heated at its extremity and applied for a few minutes to the head of the screw or screws, will do the work of loosening; an ordinary screw-driver will do the rest without causing the least damage, trouble, or vexation of spirit.

Clearing Ground of Stones. — Heat the stone to a high degree by means of a fierce fire applied to one part of it only, which will cause it to expand; then pour water upon it to make it crack, the effect being increased by blows from a heavy sledge hammer.

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