ARRIBA LINEA 2 day Seminar for Alpacas



With Peter Kennedy and Robert Gane of Canchones in Australia!

APRIL 18th and 19th, 2014

Register today – Early Bird Rates end January 31st! Space is Limited!

If you plan to only attend one seminar this year, make it this one!  

Peter and Robert are not in Canada often, don’t miss out! 

Canchones have been successfully breeding alpacas for 15 years and are considered leaders inthe industry.   Not only will you benefit from their expertise during the two days, but you will have the opportunity to apply the information hands on with the alpacas and fleece. 

This two day seminar will include:

Know your alpaca.
Scoring your alpaca to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to assist in determining breeding decisions.
Detailed presentation on conformation and faults.
Practical exercises on evaluating alpacas.
Presentation on fleece characteristics.
Practical exercises on evaluating fleeces.
Marketing and Sales Strategies
Presentation on marketing and branding strategies including the use of social media.
Practical sales approaches and methods.
Breeding Strategies
Presentation on breeding strategies and practical review of alpacas and selecting impact sires
I so want to go but unless someone will go with me, I will never be able to do it.  I have asked one person so far & offered to pay the fee but I had forgotten that it is also lambing time – my bad.  Hopefully I can find someone else that is will to go with me.

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