Dehydrating Soya Sauce Experiment

I have  starting to organize my basement space to work more effectively.  One of the things that I have discovered was a lot of things are close to their expiry date.  I am trying to eat through what I can and dehydrate the rest.  The dates are too close to expiry for me to donate the food to a food bank.  I realized that the date issue is due mostly to my change in eating habits.

One of the things that I found was 4 bottles of soya sauce.  Here are a few of the things that I learned:

  • the sauce is so thin that I could only do a few tablespoon fulls at a time on each sheet – anything more & it would just run off the sheet
  • as it dried a bit, I would add another few tablespoons to the sheet – the sauce was kind of held in place with the second application of sauce 
  • as it dried a bit more, I repeated the above step until all of the soya sauce was in the dehydrator
  • its been 2 days of dehydrating (only on during the cheaper electricity times and not while I sleep) so I don’t know how many house it has been so far but it has taken longer then anything I have dried before
  • it is still sticky to the touch so it will be at least a few more hours until it is done.

The goal is to have it brittle dried & crushed to a powder.

Next will be French salad dressing but I need to make sure that there is no oil in it and then on to pineapple.


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