Dehydrating – next experiments

The soya sauce took a lot long then I would have thought it would take.  Off & on, 4 days.  😦

I now have 8 tins on pineapple bits drying (on 3 trays) the rest of the trays have pineapple juice.  This is drying much faster then the soya sauce did.  The reason for drying the pineapple juice is because I didn’t want to throw it out and I have no room in my freezer.  Plus when I want to dry banana chips, I will already have the powder juice on hand.

I have started to bring up the V8 juice I made & canned last year.  I found I am forgetting that it is there.  It is my hope that by drying it and turning it into a power, I will be more likely to use it as it will be stored in the kitchen.  I have set aside part of one cupboard for “powdered drinks”.  Things that I have dried where I only need to add water for a healthy drink.

I am hoping to get the last raised bed finished this year so that I may be able to plant some kale and in turn, make it into a powdered drink.

I can’t see spending all that money at the health food store for things that I can do myself.  🙂


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