A few lessons learned this week

  1. don’t go to bed with really moist lip balm on if you have cats that you let sleep with you – you wake up with furry lips
  2. it is okay to play in the water as an adult and chances are before long there will be other adults out there playing with you
  3. don’t forget when you put a roast in your shuttle chef – nasty smell
  4. don’t leave a “to do” list in your bag if you have a cat that likes to play with paper – the list will go missing
  5. ranting to your garbage man about a car on the street that hasn’t moved in 2 months just may get the car moved (at least I believe he is the one that took the issue to heart, Bless him)
  6. if moving stuff around your house to tidy up, write a note on where you put if – it may be months before you find stuff again if you don’t
  7. the chance of having a guest come over is the best motivator for organizing and cleaning up a house
  8. don’t move heavy stuff for at least a week after your back feels better or you will put it out again
  9. going from really long hair to really short hair will make your neck cold
  10. people either find Freckles really cute or really ugly, there is no in between  (yes his has an odd number of toes/fingers, when I was given him – his legs were burned off due to the method used to ship him)



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