Turning Jam into Leather – update on the update

Turning Jam into Leather update – it worked really well.  I did the leather in strips about 1 inch wide by 10 inches long and adding 2 layers.  I waited until the 1st layer was almost done and then added the 2nd layer.  This gave me the thickness that I wanted.  The lovely “side effect” I guess you can call it, is that it almost turns into taffy when you eat it.

I have now started a bath of “mixed jam” leather using 22 jars of jam (peach, peach with chocolate, pear, cinnamon pear, apricot) , 1 jar of dried blueberries, 1 jar of dried kiwi and 1 jar of baking banana chips.   I had to chance up how I did this one a bit as I did not want the seeds from the kiwi or blueberries.  I added more water to re-hydrate the dried fruit, put it through the blender and then pressed it through a jelly bag.  That way I still got the pulp but not the seeds.  It is a rather ugly purple leather.  I have set aside another 22 jars of jam to do next.

After over 24 hours in the dehydrator the mixed jam leather is still too sweet and have had to re-hydrate what was in the dehydrator, add it to what was left in the frig to do and add some Granny Smith apples.  Maybe the leather won’t be such an ugly purple this time.


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