In honor of mom and life

Since mom got sick I have been trying to figure out a tattoo to get to honor her memory.  She always wanted one herself.  She finally got one because of chemo.  They tattooed 3 dots on her chest to point where the radiation needed to be aimed.  The chemo doctor told my mom if she looked really closely at the middle “dot” it was actually words – he had put “I’m a sexy lady” but you needed a microscope to read it.   You should have seen mom smile at that.  I think I was most likely grinning as much as my mom.

With that in mind plus the fact mom that she wanted a few paint drops tattooed on her since she was an artist, I came up with something that pulled together her “real” tattoo and her beliefs.


3 dots – body, mind, spirit (plus like the 3 dots mom received)
 3 lines – truth, wisdom, harmony
1 circle – the circle of life

The bases for the tattoo is from a Druid design called Awen .  The design normally has 3 circles but due to the size that I want and the placement of the tattoo, it is not possible.  So March 5th I have an appointment with one the best tattoo artists around.  I was very surprised that I did not have to wait several months for her to do it.

Along with the tattoo for mom, I felt that I needed something to remind me to keep trying.  I have been battling with depression, panic attacks with agoraphobia, etc for years.  With mom now gone, so it my support.  I guess the tattoo will be a promise to me and to my mom.

i will


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