March Pantry Challange

Since I have decided to join Farmgal’s challenge, I figured that I should at least a few times a month give updates on how it goes.  If anyone wants to join, the challenge is on the link below.

March is coming.. anyone going to join me this year for the pantry challange?

In getting “ready” for the challenge I took stock of everything that I had.  It will be an interesting food month after coming off the $25.00 challenge last month ($10.00 food for humans, $15.00 limit for critters)  I blew last month’s challenge on “human food” with a single item – organic raw blue agave syrup.  It will last me at least 6 months.  I just came in under the limit with the critter food – $11.00 on horned worms and $3.00 on red bran.

This month’s challenge started with only 6 eggs (I don’t have chickens), no fresh milk – only powered and no fresh veggies or fruit.  I have a lot of dried fruit and veggies but decided to start some sprouts & do an indoor “greenhouse” out of and old fish tank.  It will be a few weeks before I get any greens from the indoor greenhouse plantings.


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