Bad Renovation

I can’t believe that I can still be surprised when I come across a bad renovation job after all that I have found wrong with my house.  Yesterday I spent about 6 hours trying to remove old vinyl tiles from my mom’s workshop.  It was a bedroom when she bought the place.  My brother-in-law thought that maybe we should turn it back into a bedroom before we sell the house.  He worked his bum off trying to move out all of the wood bits and tools.  I started to remove the tiles, thinking that most would be loose.  Ha, I was so wrong.

Most of the tiles were still stuck to the floor and the adhesive used 15 years ago by the previous owners was still wet.  I managed to get about 70% of the tiles up with a chisel but ended up with my socks, pants and hands covered in wet adhesive.   The previous owners must have put the tile down while the adhesive was still too wet.  I can see no other reason why after more then 15 years it would still be wet.  They had put it down on sheets of plywood.  Or I should say, bits of sheets of plywood.  I guess they were using up scraps of wood.

I am hoping that the adhesive since it is now exposed to air will dry.  I can then sand off the worse of it.  The socks and pants are a write off.  I will only keep them long enough to get the rest of the tile off the floor.  My hand…I have no clue how to get the adhesive off as they look like they have been through a meat grinder.  Soap & water  did not work and even then the pain was almost enough to make me cry.  LOL

I am sure that when I go for my doctor’s appointment today, people are going to wonder about the brown spots on my hands.


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