A shout out to the Alpaca community

Over the course of the last few months I have been looking into getting (after I get the land) alpacas.  Everyone that I have spoken to has been so helpful.

At the beginning I just spoke to a friend of my mom’s, Sharon from Alpacas from Eighth & Mud.  In the beginning more to honor mom as she always wanted to take me to see Sharon and the Alpacas.  As I read their web site about how the wool differs from sheep’s wool, I decided that I should get a few alpacas when I get my farm.

About the same time, someone told me about a couple facing the possible loss of their whole herd of alpacas due to a barn collapse .  I felt so bad for these people that I phoned and offered to help with the build.  Nancy has been giving email updates as to when the build is to take place.

Getting more into the alpaca spirit, I went on 2 association sites: Alpaca Ontario Association and Alpaca Canada.  I believe I asked a question or two, but in truth I can’t remember.  It might have been on shearing.

Then the emails started coming in.

The first one from ARRIBA LINEA about a 2 day seminar.  I was thrilled.  I still haven’t found anyone to go with me, so at the moment I am not going.

The 2nd email was from David Wood;   Hello, my name is David Wood, owner and operator of Woody Acres Alpacas.  I am writing you because you have expressed an interest in alpacas to Alpaca Canada and a willingness to receive information from others concerning these wonderful animals.  To help with your investigation and assessment, I would encourage you to visit my website for background information and a great selection of “warm and fuzzies”.   Woody Acres Alpacas.  We emailed back and forth for a bit while he patiently answered my questions.

Today I went to get my mail and what do I find but a lovely magazine from International Camelid Quarterly. I so wish I could share one of the pictures out of the magazine but I have not subscribed it on line.  I will however subscribe to the hard copy of the magazine.

he International Camelid Quarterly is a full color, high-quality, Camelid specific magazine totally independent of any political influences.

CQ concentrates its efforts on the development of the camelid industry through:
– the education of its members
– expanding awareness of the breeds
– promotion of individual breeders & animals
– encouraging sound, honest business practices
– providing reliable information from reputable sources
– providing a venue for sharing information
– listening and then acting, wherever possible, to advance the industry.

Editorial content is robust, timely and sometimes controversial. Open and diverse editorial comes from the direct involvement of the Camelid industry. Politics and personal agendas are avoided in order to provide unbiased assistance to the readership.

CQ also maintains a library of our previously published articles, Calendar of Events, Camelid Classifieds, Camelid Herdsire Directory, Camelid Marketplace, Camelid Club and Association Directory, all on-line. Event posting, classifieds and club/association listings are absolutely free of charge and open to input by anyone in the industry.

Advertisers in the International Camelid Quarterly benefit from a wide subscription based distribution and targeted, qualified, readership. Distribution is primarily throughout the United States and Canada. CQ is read world-wide via our on-line Library.

I giggled when I saw how the magazine was addressed.  One of the address lines said: No farm Name Provided  I guess it is starting to become real.

So hats of to all the very helpful people in the Alpaca community.


One thought on “A shout out to the Alpaca community

  1. looking forward to following your blog. I too live alone and am returning to camelids. I have 10 acres in ns and want to build a tiny house off grid. I am very excited. you area real homesteader.

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