GMO Salmon – Will You Eat This – Eel / Salmon GMO Fish ?

this is scary

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gmo-salmon Consumer Warning The FDA has said it likely will not require that GMO fish be labeled, so if retailers carry it, consumers may not know the difference.

The technology to build a ‘better’ salmon has been around since 1989. Essentially, AquaBounty took an Atlantic salmon and added a growth gene from the Chinook salmon and a promoter gene from the ocean pout (an eel like species) to create AquAdvantage salmon.

FDA’s preliminary finding that an approval of AquaBounty’s application “would not have a significant impact (FONSI) on the U.S. environment,” many believe an approval is pending. But even if approved, it may take some time before GMO (genetically modified organism) salmon is available in stores, due to the growth of the fish and other commercial issues.

FDA has remained mum on the subject, environmental groups have been ramping up lobbying efforts to keep stores from stocking it if it is…

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2 thoughts on “GMO Salmon – Will You Eat This – Eel / Salmon GMO Fish ?

  1. You do realize that 2 of those pictures in that picture are from the movie “Alien” Right? and the actual animal in that picture is not used in the AquAdvantage Salmon.

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