The Seeds are in…

I got the last of my seed orders yesterday.  Part of last night I spent planning what to plant where.  At some point the thought popped into my head – what about cross pollination?   So I sent Farmgal  an email asking for some advise.  She recommended a book “ Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners” by  Suzanne Ashworth.

Funny how over time I can forget things and it just takes a single word or picture for the filing cabinet in my brain to open.  After a bit of reading, I realized that I actually “knew” the information from when I was trying to cross pollinate 2 types of day lilies.

What I didn’t realize or know was how far apart some plants need to be before the risk of cross pollination is reduced enough to do seed saving.  A 1/2 mile distance for cucumbers is recommended to maintain the “mother” plant seeds.  The other choice is to bag the flower heads…not going to do.

So this year I think I will just buy a bushel or 2 of pickling cucumbers when the time comes and just grow the lemon cucumbers.  I wonder how many people that collect seeds find out the hard way that the 2nd generation of plant is not the same as the 1st generation?


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