The Door Dudes

The Door Dudes.

Since 1988, The Door Dudes have been offering excellent quality, efficiency and craftsmanship you can depend on.

The Door Dudes offer a wide variety of windows and doors, which will leave your home looking beautiful and brand new.

The windows and doors of your home are a direct reflection of your personal style, and enhance your curb side appearance offering fabulous accents to your home.

The Door Dudes is a full-service company, more than willing to do it all! It is of the highest priority to offer the best possible solutions to customers at a competitive price.

The Door Dudes will create custom fit windows and doors, ensuring your home looks and feels great. The Door Dudes offers doors in a wide variety of materials and designs including steel, steel/wood, and fibreglass, vinyl windows, patio doors, wood interior doors, garage doors, and much more.

These are the people that did 6 of my windows so far.  They are coming Monday to quote on the last 2 doors that were damaged in the fire – well by the fire department kicking them in, not by the fire itself.


Now to figure out what kinds of doors I want that I can afford.


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