It has been awhile…..

Things are finally starting to settle down enough to post.  After mom passed last year, I have spend between 30 and 40 hours a week dealing with the estate.  The house is now sold but most of her art remains.  Both my home and my sisters looks like we are hoarders due to the amount of things.  Hundreds of trips to various charities, the dump and our homes.  Multiple yard sales, gifts to family and friends and several art sales.  Still both of us have no items then we can handle.

I finally managed to get some dehydrating done (about 300 pounds), 59 jars of pickled beets but alas no real canning yet this year.  I have 60 pounds of potatoes in the kitchen waiting to be canned.  My computer crashed earlier this year and I lost all of my canning and drying logs from previous years.  Next time I will make sure I print off a copy just in case.

Last week I asked a real estate agent to start looking for land for me.  So the journey continues.


4 thoughts on “It has been awhile…..

  1. My condolences to you. I know it must be difficult to go through a lifetime of things from a loved one who passed. Though my parents and inlaws are still with us, I dread that day when we will have to do it.
    My Prayers are with you

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