2014 Goals review

I think I was a bit nuts when I wrote my wish list.  Then again I had no idea that the time just how much work it and how long it would take to deal with my mom’s stuff.  Not on the list is refinishing all the odd bits of furniture from my mom’s basement & finding new homes for them.  So far I have refinished 11 pieces of furniture and have 3 more pieces on the go.  Mom painted furniture (down near the bottom of the page) and had a lot of pieces collected but never finished.  From my point of view the furniture smells – that nasty old furniture smell – but it is all in good shape.  I am refinishing the pieces to get rid of the smell and hopefully look better.  I am not an artist like mom.

Buy Land

Finish House Inside

  • new windows
  • new front door – done
  • new back door – done
  • finish refinishing all wood trim
  • move closet in space room
  • finish gutting 2nd floor
  • move plumbing
  • finish renovating bathroom
  • gut kitchen to move plumbing
  • refinish all hardwood floor
  • rebuild kitchen after plumbing moved
  • new kitchen floor

Finish House Outside

  • install light over side door
  • finish building front garden – done
  • triple mix for all gardens – done
  • re-do back deck
  • clean out shed


  • declutter the remaining bits
  • sell mom’s house – done
  • finish “craft” projects that I have started
  • build/make the “craft” projects that I have in my head
  • read more on building/designing a homestead


  • build solar oven
  • build solar dehydrator
  • make grinder
  • buy composting toilet
  • start putting together a solar set up
  • find instructions for bike generation power & build
  • more canning
  • more dehydrating


  • go to both Harvest Gatherings
  • go to the Ottawa meet
  • volunteer at several farms for animal practice
  • crochet/knit for charity – done
  • teach old school skills – taught a bit


  • get to the bottom of my health problems & get rid of them
  • create a proper wardrobe – work in progress
  • eat better

I guess I better get my bum in gear if I hope to get the rest of these done.


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