Toilet for emergencies

Last winter my sewer lines froze and I ended up having to use a luggable loo.

Today I decided to purchase an almost “normal” portable toilet that is suppose to be more environmentally friendly and easier to clean.


I am hoping to never have to use it.



5 thoughts on “Toilet for emergencies

  1. I never really considered our pipes freezing, however, the small town where we live, someone is always running over or accidently digging up, the water mains. (They are not buried very deep at all). Water could go out at any given time, and to be prepared, we do keep several gallons of water on standby specifically for flushing the turlets.
    We also keep a growing supply of candles and lamp oil for when someone knocks the power out.

    • Sorry I had to check your site as I could not remember your location. I would think that flooding would be a greater consideration for you.

      Do you have a bug out bag in case of bad weather? If not, I will post a few things that you should have. I have in my car things to make sure that I am ok if I get stuck in the snow like the people in Buffalo. I even have a small stove to cook with lol

  2. I left my home in Jersey, because we survived 3-500 yr floods in less than 3 yrs. No flooding where I live in TN, however, 6 months after we moved in we had an F5 Tornado hit 2 miles from our home. Had generator, but were without power for about 2 wks.
    I used to keep emergency boxes in my car, but never an emergency stove….that would’ve been a good idea ( we could’ve heated those beans and wienies up from the emergency boxes 😉
    I saw the news last night about all the snow up north…thats some crazy stuff! Back in the early 90’s we had snow halfway up our doors from a major snowstorm, and roads were shut down for 2 wks following from an ice storm. Nat’l guard was called in etc. Our kids were young, and it was an exciting and fun experience for us all. Looking at what’s going on there now though has got to be kinda frightening.

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