Weather some days makes me sad

Not that the weather is bad at the moment but it does effect some of the things that I plan to do.  I choose not to drive when there is a freezing ran warning in effect for something that can wait a day or two.

That being said, it is with a heavy heart that I decided not to go help with building a shelter for the male alpacas for 1stopalpacafarm

A few things that I had done to get ready for the build.

  • service my car
  • buy snacks for myself and the gentleman that said he would help me (various types of nuts, raisins, bananas, muffins, snack bars)
  • packed a bag the snacks with some home made fruit leather and dried fruit
  • made a hot Italian sausage casserole with rice, black beans, corn, salsa, tomato paste, etc
  • packed a bag for the main meal – salt & pepper, cutlery, bowls, serving spoon, jars of home made pickled beets, 2 dozen buns
  • started a hot bag – several Thermos standing buy for tea and coffee with sugar & milk on the side, a dozen bottles of water & water flavourings.  I also have my shuttle chef for the casserole to make sure that it stays hot until we are ready to eat
  • packed a bag of barter items – planned on stopping by a friends on the way back Shalom Engedi Farm .  She has chicken, duck and lamb. As well as chicken and duck eggs. I have jam, dehydrated carrots & onions, crocheting & pottery.
  • packed a bag of extra clothes – ski pants, socks, regular pants, lots of gloves, hats, scarves and a bag of yarn for crocheting the afghan that I am working on for me to show my friend.
  • multi bags for my tools – everything that I could think of that I could possibly need for building
  • 1 bag of first aid type stuff
  • 1 bag that is my car kit with things like the small stove, a tent, a jug for water – between the first aid type bag and the 2nd bag I have all the things that the Red Cross suggests that you have in an emergency as well as those additional items listed on the Canadian Government list
  • my car is full of “extra” wood that I have for building pens

I am not sure but I think that is about it.  Yes there is still room for people to sit in my smaller car.


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