Goals or wish list for the next few days

I am hoping that by putting it down in writing for the Universe to see, I will get everything done that I would like to get done.  So here is the list:

  • first thing in the morning go to Len’s Mill store for some good sales; hopefully some yarn, fabric and the supplies needed to make thermal curtains. 
  • go to the Sail store for a new coat and boots
  • go to Canadian Tire and pick up 2 shelving units.  I do not believe they are on sale but if I am to get my house organized I need them.
  • put the shelves together
  • find and put all of my art & craft supplies on one of the shelving units
  • use one of the shelving units for starting to organize the basement
  • clean the big fish tank
  • dehydrate 3 large cabbages
  • prep work for teaching knitting next week
  • photograph and email some furniture pictures to a friend of mine.  If she likes the pieces I will bring them up to her next week.
  • continue to do a minimum of 2 squares a day for charity
  • continue to work a minimum of 2 hours a day on refinishing furniture
  • insulate beside the front door
  • can potatoes
  • can meatballs

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