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Wonderful visit and learning experience

Yesterday I went to visit an old friend that I have not seen in over a year.  In fact her and I have become rather distant over the course of the last year.  No phone calls and only a few comments on Facebook here & there.  One of my goals is to reconnect with people.  This kind of creates a problem for me as I suffer from Agoraphobiasocial anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

I have to say yesterday I did not have a single panic attack nor any fear at all.  It is close to a 3 hour drive each way and I forgot the directions.

She and her family are so good to me.  I had forgotten what a close family was like.  I am so grateful that they are willing to share that with me.  Even her children who are older made me feel apart of the family.  Warm fuzzies that will last for weeks.

My friend shared so much new information with me that hopefully for the next few days will start to share my more advanced learning through posts.

Better late then never

Yesterday I finally started on my “winter” cleaning.  Normally I would start in September before the root crops are ready to process just after the tomatoes are done.  My winter cleaning is what some call my crazy cleaning.  I pull everything out of every cupboard, check the how much I have left, the expiry dates, change out & wash the containers and scrub every surface.  It normally takes about a week a room.  Unless the item is a caste iron frying pan, everything will look the same as it did new by the time I am done.  I do the same kind of cleaning in the spring.

For example: spices – I have about a dozen extra small spice jars.  I dump from the “old” jar to the new jar & add new labels. I wash all the old jars and store.  I check to see what spices are ready from my garden that are dried, grind if necessary and start a list of any spices that I am low on.  I make a point of getting rid of spices that I have in jars if I have grown it over the summer from my garden.   In the case of spices such as lemon balm or thyme I use mason jars as small spice jars are not big enough.

There are 3 main reasons that I do this type of cleaning:

  • so I don’t run out of anything; not bags, cat food, baking ingredients, nothing…if there is a major storm and I can’t get to the store for several weeks (most times I only go shopping every month or 2 any way)
  • it gives me a set time to check expiry dates kind of like the “rule” change your smoke alarm batteries when the time changes
  • I don’t want to be in a home that has “dirt” being moved around by the furnace

Spending so long looking after mom plus the long hours I was working outside the house, I think this will be the first time in a long time that from top to bottom the house will be clean all at the same time.  To give you an idea as to the size of my place, it takes 4 hours a week just to vacuum “properly”.

I hate to admit it but

I did not get most of the stuff done on the goal list from a few days ago.  I did manage get about half of it done plus a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t list.  One of the biggest things was to rearrange the house yet again to move mom’s stuff that was still taking up most of the front hall.  You had to be very flexible to make it through that area.  I have a lovely front hall now with even a slipper basket, extra gloves, hats and scarves for those in need.