I hate to admit it but

I did not get most of the stuff done on the goal list from a few days ago.  I did manage get about half of it done plus a whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t list.  One of the biggest things was to rearrange the house yet again to move mom’s stuff that was still taking up most of the front hall.  You had to be very flexible to make it through that area.  I have a lovely front hall now with even a slipper basket, extra gloves, hats and scarves for those in need.








5 thoughts on “I hate to admit it but

  1. I can’t believe we have to get the old winter gloves and scarves out again….seems too soon doesn’t it?
    Oooh & I like your blue cabinet; do I see a walking stick in there??? I want to make and paint a walking stick for my dear hubby. (he has one but it is kinda short. He is 6’2 and needs a tall one). Your photo reminded me 😉

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