Better late then never

Yesterday I finally started on my “winter” cleaning.  Normally I would start in September before the root crops are ready to process just after the tomatoes are done.  My winter cleaning is what some call my crazy cleaning.  I pull everything out of every cupboard, check the how much I have left, the expiry dates, change out & wash the containers and scrub every surface.  It normally takes about a week a room.  Unless the item is a caste iron frying pan, everything will look the same as it did new by the time I am done.  I do the same kind of cleaning in the spring.

For example: spices – I have about a dozen extra small spice jars.  I dump from the “old” jar to the new jar & add new labels. I wash all the old jars and store.  I check to see what spices are ready from my garden that are dried, grind if necessary and start a list of any spices that I am low on.  I make a point of getting rid of spices that I have in jars if I have grown it over the summer from my garden.   In the case of spices such as lemon balm or thyme I use mason jars as small spice jars are not big enough.

There are 3 main reasons that I do this type of cleaning:

  • so I don’t run out of anything; not bags, cat food, baking ingredients, nothing…if there is a major storm and I can’t get to the store for several weeks (most times I only go shopping every month or 2 any way)
  • it gives me a set time to check expiry dates kind of like the “rule” change your smoke alarm batteries when the time changes
  • I don’t want to be in a home that has “dirt” being moved around by the furnace

Spending so long looking after mom plus the long hours I was working outside the house, I think this will be the first time in a long time that from top to bottom the house will be clean all at the same time.  To give you an idea as to the size of my place, it takes 4 hours a week just to vacuum “properly”.


4 thoughts on “Better late then never

  1. You are very organized. I usually just go through my spice cabinet on a whim ( like when I run out of something 😉
    Thank you for reminding me to change the smoke alarm batteries….. They usually don’t get changed until they’ve been chirping for a few days. :/

    • Regarding smoke alarms – around here both on the news and in print news the fire department & emergency services make a point of telling people to change their batteries when the time changes. Too many people have died locally due to smoke detectors not working. It is now the law (or it may not be law until Jan 1st) that you also have CO2 detectors as well. That again is due to the high number of people that have passed away due to CO2 poisoning.

      So for the rant but I have had a fire and it is one thing that I am still afraid of.

      I used to be organized and I am trying again to be organized. Nothing upsets me more then going to find something and I can’t. 🙂

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