Archive | December 24, 2015

The First Step to my Goals

I started another blog to log/track all the services that I can find in the City of Hamilton, Ontario.  Both to help myself and to help others.

I have been trying to help with the homeless, refugees, and those in need in the last year.  One of the biggest things that I have found is that there is no one place to find all the information to help people out.  It is scattered and you really have to look hard to find it.  I have been lucky that one find seems to lead to another.

If Wishes were Fishes

I love the song from Rick


This song got a few of talking about the difference between wishes, dreams and goals.  The end result of the talk was;

  • wishes – you what for the world to give you what you want
  • dreams – something that you want that you work towards
  • goals – the steps that you talk to make your dreams come true

This year will be the one that I complete the goals to make my dreams come true.