New Year

With the start of the New Year, comes the chance to re-new my direction in life.  I don’t know why people (myself included) seem to wait for the start of a new calendar year.  I think perhaps it goes back to the beginning of time.  I started my new direction 2 months ago.  Hopefully it will last longer then the changes people make for New Years.

One of the “new” things that I started was getting more involved in my community.  Joining groups that help others, education groups and social groups.  Sounds like a lot but there is only one of the social groups that meets once a week.  The rest is on line or the meetings are far between.

I have also “found” a wonderful speaker that has really touched how I deal with life-  Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera (known to most as Ajahn Brahm).  He speaks about loving yourself & your fellow man.  I am not a Buddhist but I find his videos on youtube don’t really seem religious to me.  I understand what he says as he explains things in a down to earth manner.

Four Ways of Letting Go | by Ajahn Brahm


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