Do Your Own Research

When starting a project, I most likely over think & over research.  I will not change as it is better to be actuate then wrong.  Use different sources.

In the last few months I have found myself questioning those that “seem” to know what they are talking about.  I am speaking on those that write blogs, have web sites, etc to “teach” or “help” others or just share information.  Those words are in quotes as I am finding the information is lacking or misleading or wrong.

Yesterday I lost my cool with one person.  It was about a news story.  The person had taken it and done it up in a blog.  The person added false information to their post which in turn was promoting a racist attitude.

For herbal medicines;  do not take just one person’s opinion  or even one piece of medical/scientific research.  All medical/scientific research ideas come from one direction or point of view.  A researcher often starts out with proving an idea.  Then once it is published, another researcher may or may test it to see if they can come up with the same results.  The other thing is that no two bodies are the same, no two health concerns are the same.  To ask “what should I take” will give you a 50/50 chance of it working and a small chance that you can end up with more issues.  Discuss all health issues with your doctor first.  The see a qualified professional that deals with natural healing.  Also the idea is to deal with the issue not the symptoms.  Until you know that the core issue is do not try to heal yourself without a lot of research.

Homes; whether homestead or buying a house or building a house this is one of those things that can haunt your for the rest of your life if you make bad choices.  I don’t want to screw up what I am hoping will be my last home which is way I have spent several years looking into this.  More in various posts on my blog and more to come.  I will leave this as is for now.

Gardening is another subjective project.  What works for me may not work for you.  A person needs to take into account hardiness zones, where a seed was purchased or collected, the quality of the soil, the surrounding landscape and the list goes on.  I often get asked questions on various things that I grow.  I have also been told over the years that there are some things that I can NOT possibly grow.  I always set out to prove someone wrong when they say it can not be done.  Mind you, I only mention growing something if I have done my research.  The one plant that comes to mind is peanuts.  I did prove them wrong but I found the amount I got off a plant was not worth the effort.   If you have an issue growing something that you want, take a look at the possible reasons.  Did you get your seeds that were produced in a completely different hardiness zone?  Are they old seeds?  Did the weather play a factor?

In all honesty, I have run out of steam on this post.  I had so much to rant about but since I have calmed down my words have slowed down.

Please take your time, do your research – learn how to fish and don’t just take “hand outs” of information because it seems “correct” and it is the easy way out.



2 thoughts on “Do Your Own Research

  1. I understand your points, I think in today modern age of the digital, its a telling thing when folks do not show what they are doing, if someone say, I do x or y or z, I really like blogs that in fact show them doing it an the end results.

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