In terms of this blog, the “DEH” stand for dear ex hubby or dear estranged hubby. Some of the blog ideas that I have will refer to him. I have a difficult time in “real life” with defining him with a label. Most of the time I just use his name.

The short side of the story is that I left just over 7 years ago. I think in many ways we get along better now. We have always had a great relationship when it came to working in projects. The person that had more experience was the person that took the lead in the project.

We still speak often and do go out together once in a while. Our phone calls can last as long as several hours. Most of the time what starts the call is one of us needs help with a project. In my case the last time was for suggestion on how to move the ductwork. In his case it was to ask about a piece of furniture that he wanted to refinish. Between us, we have most of the skills and knowledge that we need for the projects we both have worked on.

When I first started looking into what I now know as homesteading, we were working on learning as a team. Things like solar energy (my skill), wind power (his skill), green houses (his skill), herbal meds (my skill) and the list goes on.

Should anything happen to me, he is the person with the keys to my home. He is the person that based on him taking care of my critters until the end of their nature lives gets everything. I guess you can say that he is my BF.


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