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Stagnate Ponds, Algae Ponds

Watching a youtube video the other day I noticed high algae grow, scum and plant growth over taking their pond.  It reminded me that years ago I tried to learn mechanics to design and make what I thought would be a great non electric, non chemical solution.  For years I was breeding fish indoors for the commercial market.  I ended up stopping due to moving.  The new to me house did not have suitable floor space or strength to continue with my tanks.  At the time I had 22 tanks up and running for breeding.

Algae in a tank or pond is usually a result of a couple of things; a poor balance of nutrients, too much direct sunlight, no movement to the water and a shallow depth.  There are hundreds of sites and videos that address these issues.  Most often they deal with only one bit of what is really a multi layer issue and they often suggest using chemicals (which I am against).

My bright idea was to design a whirligig that is doubled.  Meaning that there is a spinning blade on the top to be “grabbed” by the wind and one below to move the water.  I do not as the moment understand gears, cams, driveshafts, etc well enough to make one.

This post is for me to post links to the various sites that I have found to help me better understand mechanical movement so that I can take the design that is in my head and make it with my hands.

I will be added more links as I find