Finding Balance

There is a fine line between prepping and hoarding.  Since my mom’s passing, I have taken a long look at what I own.  I have to admit for the first few months of getting disability I went over board in my spending.  Buying food, clothes, supplies, etc that I had no been able to purchase in the previous 14 months.  The last spending spree that I had was boxing day buying yarn.  I bought enough to last more then a year.

Since then, I have taken a good hard look at my “stuff”.  I have been making a point since then at looking at everything I have.  Asking myself –  “when I am gone will someone else want it, use it, need it” plus the food side of things “what is the expiry date”.

I have been slowly changing my eating habits to use up those food items that are close to expiry.  I am no longer allowing myself to purchase any food items until I have gone through my food stores.  It has made some very interesting meals and not the healthiest.  One of the things that I discovered was that popcorn tastes like crap after it has been stored for over a year.  It was stored in vacuum sealed jars with O2 absorbers so it was a surprise to me.

It has been very hard for me to pass up really good food sales when I know the price of things are just going to keep going up.  Each time I see a sale, I have to remind myself over & over that I “don’t have to have it, I can do without”.  I don’t know about others but I find when I purchase fresh / new food, I have a really bad habit of eating it first.  I believe the only way for me to work through the dates is to not purchase anything.

I am hoping that the battle that goes on in my head will get easier.

WIP or work in progress

This year I have decided that rather then track what I “need” or “should” do, I will keep track of what I have done in the way of projects.  I am hoping that this way I will get a more positive outlook.  Some how the “to do lists” really make me feel bad when I get off track.  I seem to forget some days just how I have come as I am too busy looking at how far I think  need to go.

Weather some days makes me sad

Not that the weather is bad at the moment but it does effect some of the things that I plan to do.  I choose not to drive when there is a freezing ran warning in effect for something that can wait a day or two.

That being said, it is with a heavy heart that I decided not to go help with building a shelter for the male alpacas for 1stopalpacafarm

A few things that I had done to get ready for the build.

  • service my car
  • buy snacks for myself and the gentleman that said he would help me (various types of nuts, raisins, bananas, muffins, snack bars)
  • packed a bag the snacks with some home made fruit leather and dried fruit
  • made a hot Italian sausage casserole with rice, black beans, corn, salsa, tomato paste, etc
  • packed a bag for the main meal – salt & pepper, cutlery, bowls, serving spoon, jars of home made pickled beets, 2 dozen buns
  • started a hot bag – several Thermos standing buy for tea and coffee with sugar & milk on the side, a dozen bottles of water & water flavourings.  I also have my shuttle chef for the casserole to make sure that it stays hot until we are ready to eat
  • packed a bag of barter items – planned on stopping by a friends on the way back Shalom Engedi Farm .  She has chicken, duck and lamb. As well as chicken and duck eggs. I have jam, dehydrated carrots & onions, crocheting & pottery.
  • packed a bag of extra clothes – ski pants, socks, regular pants, lots of gloves, hats, scarves and a bag of yarn for crocheting the afghan that I am working on for me to show my friend.
  • multi bags for my tools – everything that I could think of that I could possibly need for building
  • 1 bag of first aid type stuff
  • 1 bag that is my car kit with things like the small stove, a tent, a jug for water – between the first aid type bag and the 2nd bag I have all the things that the Red Cross suggests that you have in an emergency as well as those additional items listed on the Canadian Government list
  • my car is full of “extra” wood that I have for building pens

I am not sure but I think that is about it.  Yes there is still room for people to sit in my smaller car.

Some ideas for better hardware storage

I spent more then an hour yesterday trying to find just 2 screws.  I knew that I have some that were the correct size but with the mess of the house with the addition of mom’s stuff it was like a treasure hunt.  Tonight I decided to start working towards organizing my tools and hardware.  I have to take some of my tools with me this weekend as I plan to help with a barn building.  The videos below are some ideas for me to help figure out the best way to organize the mess of my basement.

an excellent video on how to make a French Cleat System

This is what I think I want.  It is an antique dental cabinet.

Wooten Patent Desk