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How do you know when to euthanize a cat that has FIP?
Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)
Fluid in Abdomen in Cats | petMD

100′s Of Free Chicken Coop Plans By DIY Ideas


Aquaponics, southern Ontario companies
Saltwater Fish Farming


Alpaca Canada
More on Alpacas


American Emu Association


White Rock Ostrich Farm

Rare Breeds Canada


Sheep 101
Sheep Breeders Guide
Lincoln Longwool Sheep
Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited

Shearing School for Beginners in Ontario

Proposed dates for 2014,
Tuesday September 23rd  to Thursday 25th, 2014

What is there to be learned:
• Sheep Handling
• Shearing Pattern
• Equipment Setup
• Personal Health Issues in regard to shearing
• Wool Preparation

Contact: Peter Kudelka 519-348-4266
Shearing School info sheet

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