Goals 2014

Ok so here goes, I am putting it out there for the world to see.  This is just the “wish list”.  I will add the steps later.  Hopefully I will be able to update weekly so I know that I am on track for completing my goals.

Buy Land

Finish House Inside

  • new windows
  • new front door – done
  • new back door – done
  • finish refinishing all wood trim
  • move closet in space room
  • finish gutting 2nd floor
  • move plumbing
  • finish renovating bathroom
  • gut kitchen to move plumbing
  • refinish all hardwood floor
  • rebuild kitchen after plumbing moved
  • new kitchen floor

Finish House Outside

  • install light over side door
  • finish building front garden – done
  • triple mix for all gardens – done
  • re-do back deck
  • clean out shed


  • declutter the remaining bits
  • sell mom’s house – done
  • finish “craft” projects that I have started
  • build/make the “craft” projects that I have in my head
  • read more on building/designing a homestead


  • build solar oven
  • build solar dehydrator
  • make grinder
  • buy composting toilet
  • start putting together a solar set up
  • find instructions for bike generation power & build
  • more canning
  • more dehydrating


  • go to both Harvest Gatherings
  • go to the Ottawa meet
  • volunteer at several farms for animal practice
  • crochet/knit for charity – done
  • teach old school skills – taught a bit


  • get to the bottom of my health problems & get rid of them
  • create a proper wardrobe – work in progress
  • eat better – work in progress
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