Wish List

To learn or research

  • laws on building
  • by-laws on zoning
  • water laws
  • gray water system laws
  • butchering
  • sheep shearing
  • solar energy
  • wind energy

Practice or take a refresher course

  • welding
  • tanning
  • practice working with animals: cows, oxen, horses, sheep goats

Steps ahead

  • price out steel sheds
  • find land
  • price out portables
  • pre-build raised bed sides
  • collect & take apart old pallets
  • collect recycled building materials: windows, bricks, stone, cupboards

Wish List

  • no rim shower, with bench
  • wood stoves
  • 1 main level with wheel chair ramps to basement
  • 100 acres
  • electricity
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