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More Christmas 2018 Planning

Along with the bottle covers I have been looking at tree decorations, stockings, table decorations and anything else that I can think of in the way of Christmas crochet projects.

Here are a few things as a result of my search;

  1. Santa Candy Jar

  2. Crocheted Snowflake Table Runner  (I think the snow flakes could be done separately as tree decorations or with crochet cotton for coasters as well)
  3. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
  4. Beautiful Lacy Snowflake Ornaments
  5. Lacy Snowflake Ornaments (please note that there is a correction page noted)
  6. Santa’s Gift Basket
  7. Countdown To Christmas Crochet Advent Calendar
  8. Cream Plum Pudding Crochet Ornaments
  9. Christmas Tree Skirt
  10. Santa Pillow
  11. Starry Night Ornament
  12. Cream Gingerbread House Crochet Ornaments
  13. Reindeer Ornament
  14. Santa Ornament
  15. Christmas Ornaments
  16. Ornamental Bells
  17. Snowmen Ornaments
  18. Christmas Trees
  19. Peppermint Throw and Pillow
  20. Repeat Crafter Me  — too many beautiful free crochet patterns to note

Crochet Bug

I think I have gotten obsessed with crocheting as of late.  I have in the last 2 weeks learned several new stitches, completed various projects and started a lot of new ones.

The one that I finished that took the longest time was a customer order boot bag.  I think I took it part at time a half dozen times before I felt it was good enough.


One of the stitches that I learned is a simple shell pattern that I am using for an afghan order.  The colours are based on a picture the person has, her request.


Another stitch that I learned is called corner to corner or c2c for short.  Just a sample of a couple of pieces in progress.  The light green will be a baby blanket and the darker mixed colour is the shawl.


I have also been working on custom designs.  The following is the start of a craft bag that I am making for myself with my notes on how I am working / planning / designing it.


More to follow

Sometimes I need to pay closer attention

I went yesterday to purchase some more yarn to crochet squares for charity.  Instead of paying attention to the weight of the yarn I only looked at the colours and the material it was made from.  This morning I discovered that the weight was too light for most of the charities.  I really liked the colour of the variegated yarn so I decided to make an afghan for my spare room with it and off set it with solid colours.  Due to the weight I will only get 1 four inch square and part of a second square.  Also due to the weight in order to get some warmth from the end result, I am using a number 3.5 crochet hook.  It will be one of those “year long” projects.

100_1460 100_1459

I am pretty sure that I will need more yarn but I will need to go to a different store in the chain.

Knitting a sweater

I have some wonderful thick yarn to make a sweater (or 3) but I have yet to figure out what I want to do.

I think the following

This sweater is from Trendsetter Patterns , Pattern Series 4701 http://www.trendsetteryarns.com/pattern4701.asp for a cost of $13.00 for the pattern book

Amy Herzog Designs Alight PDF http://www.yarn.com/webs-knitting-patterns-type-women-cardigans/amy-herzog-designs-alight-pdf-pattern/

I think this one would great in a deep royal blue.   The picture is from Knitting with Sandra Singh but I can not find a pattern for it yet.

Christmas gifts for next year

Sheepy Slippers Crochet Pattern from Red Heart 

(I just downloaded the pattern and it uses one of my favorite yarns, Red Heart Light & Lofty® Yarn..its so soft & thick)

Pudgy Piggy Slippers Crochet Pattern from Red Heart

Cow Slippers Crochet Pattern from Red Heart

By the time I make enough for everyone in the “family”, I should own shares in the stock 🙂

Crochet or Knit for Charity

Baby Project For Afghanistan
Blankets, hats and mittens are needed to protect babies and young children during the cold months. An address is given where you can send the items directly through an APO address.
Caps for Kids
Provides needy children with warm hats.
Newborns in Need (Headquarters)
This charity provides “essentials for infants whose mothers literally have nothing”. Donations of crocheted items needed. See “How You Can Help” link. Chapters Map can help you find a chapter near you. Newborn hats and baby afghan patterns provided on their site.
Preemie Afghans For Charity
Charity Work At Crochet Cabana: Preemie blankies, preemie hats and stuffed animals are needed by Louisiana hospitals.
Project Linus
Blankets sized about 40″ x 60″ are given as handmade security blankets to terminally ill children nationwide. This page lists local chapters across the US.
Red Scarf Project
Interweave Knits Magazine has endorsed the charitable Red Scarf knitting and crocheting project from the Orphan Foundation of America. The project has been organized to collect handknitted and crocheted scarves, preferably in shades of red, for OFA to send to foster youth in Valentine’s Day care packages. If you would like to help, click on the link for more details.
Wakanyeja Tiospaye O’Tipi – Children’s Village, Inc.
They are an emergency and long term foster care facility that cares for children from infants through age 18. They are in need of afghans for the children. If you send an afghan, know that you are helping to ease the suffering of a child who has been going through a difficult time.
Warming Families
A volunteer project providing blankets and warm items (hats, mittens, etc.) to homeless and domestic violence shelters.
Warm Up America (CYCA)
Handmade afghans are distributed to America’s homeless and to disaster survivors. Make some squares from a little left-over yarn to send in. Information on this charity from the Craft Yarn Council of America.
A volunteer organization of knitters and crocheters based in Markham, Ontario who handcraft clothing and other items for donation to shelters, support organizations and hospitals.
Volunteers knit or crochet items for babies, children and adults that have suffered a severe trauma or serious life threatening illness. We also help young mothers at risk, and the homeless.
While so many of us love making things for ourselves and our families, many in the Lion community go further, creating for those in need.   Lion Brand offers a charity registry and a search feature so those who wish to craft for charity or donate can find appropriate groups and services.
The items most requested by charities!