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Wavy Shell Crochet Blanket

By: Michael Sellick for allfreecrochet.com

Learn how to make a wavy shell crochet blanket with this free crochet blanket. This is exclusively for AllFreeCrochet as it lists the pattern in its entirety along with a video to watch.


  • K Size Hook, CLICK HERE to see Hook Size Conversion Table If Needed
  • Bernat or Redheart Yarn 4 PLY Worsted

TIPS: This tends not to shrink too much. The width that you make it is usually the size it will end up being. This pattern looks more effective using 3 colors. You can opt to do it in a solid color or 2. The example taught on the Youtube Video is 3 colors.
The pattern is pretty simple. It only consists of 2 lines. However, it appears more harder and more complex due to the colour changing. The colors are changing every line. See video how to do that. You don’t need to make knots.
Start chaining in sets of 14 Stitches. When you get to 14, start over at 1 again and chain again to 14. Keep doing that until you get the width you want. At the end, you will add 3 stitches. By doing it this way, you don’t have to count high numbers and you know your stitches will be in the right quantities to make this right.
Turn Work

Line 2
Use The Same Colour As Line 1
Now miss the first two stitches, and put 3 Double Crochets into the same stitch (3rd stitch away from the hook.
Skip Over 3 chains (going into 4th Chain), and then single crochet into the next 7 chains.
Skip Over 3 Chains, (going into 4th Chain), and put 7 Double Crochets into the same stitch. This will cause it to fan as seen in the videos.
You will keep repeating Step 2 and 3 until you get close to the end.
At the end you will put 4 Double Crochets into the very last stitch.
Turn Work

Line 3 
Is Always The Easiest Line Each Time You Do It
Chain up 1.
You will Single Crochet into each of the stitches along the line right to the end.
Turn Work

Line 4
Chain up 1
Single Crochet into each of the 1st 4 Stitches.
Skip 3 Stitches, and then Double Crochet 7 Times into the same stitch (which causes it to fan out, I called it half pin wheel in the videos).
Skip 3 Stitches, and then Single Crochet into the next 7 Stitches.
You will keep repeating Step 3 and 4, until you get close to the end.
When you get to the final part, you will only be left with 4 stitches, you will be putting in 1 Single Stitch into each of the remaining 4 stitches.
Turn Work.

Line 5
Repeat Line 3

Line 6
Chain Up 3
Double Crochet 3 times into the 1st Stitch, this will create a fan or half pinwheel formation.
Skip 3 Stitches, then single crochet once into the next 7 Stitches.
Skip 3, then put 7 Double Crochets into the same stitch, to create a fan shape.
Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you get close to the end.
You should be left with putting 4 Double Crochet into the last stitch.
Turn Work

You will continually repeat Lines 3, 4, 5, and 6 over and over again until you get your desired length. By using 3 colours, you will make this blanket appear more complicated than it is.

At the end, cast off as normal.

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