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Yarns Sales

I was really good this year…..compared to a few years ago lol  OK so I spent most of my Christmas money on yarn.  I purchased enough yarn to last until the next Boxing Day sales.  More then a few peoples’ eyes came close to popping out when they saw what I had in my cart.  (True be told, the cart was over flowing and I had to keep my hand on top of the stash.)

There is enough yarn to make all my Christmas gifts for next year and several projects for charity…..and no I don’t feel guilty.

Sometimes I need to pay closer attention

I went yesterday to purchase some more yarn to crochet squares for charity.  Instead of paying attention to the weight of the yarn I only looked at the colours and the material it was made from.  This morning I discovered that the weight was too light for most of the charities.  I really liked the colour of the variegated yarn so I decided to make an afghan for my spare room with it and off set it with solid colours.  Due to the weight I will only get 1 four inch square and part of a second square.  Also due to the weight in order to get some warmth from the end result, I am using a number 3.5 crochet hook.  It will be one of those “year long” projects.

100_1460 100_1459

I am pretty sure that I will need more yarn but I will need to go to a different store in the chain.

Going to visit an Alpaca farm tomorrow

I am so looking forward to it.  I am visiting  Alpacas from Eighth & Mud.  After looking at all the pictures of the critters plus the items in the store, I feel like a kid a Christmas 🙂

Besides the fact that my mom had wanted to go with her for a visit as the owners were friends of hers, the one comment on their web site really got my attention “We feature a proud selection of top quality Alpaca, be it our Herdsire, females, yearlings and Crias. We offer complete hands-on training and excellent support to our clients. “

As an added bonus they also have a fibre store and a fibre mill.

I want one of these 

They have large balls of yarn,  something called rovings which looks like yarn that has not been spun, socks, mittens, sweaters, rugs and gift baskets.  This maybe an expensive visit.

I hope I can find my camera to take a few pictures.